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Based in New Delhi, Being Coded is a widely acclaimed company, delivering qualitative, value-driven and well-timed Digital Imaging services across the globe. Operational since 2013 with a collection of imaging experts, the company has won laurels for incorporating the best methodologies into its workflow, and rendering Image Retouching services that surpass the expected standards.

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Who we are

Being Coded is a multi-disciplinary Digital image Retouching Company based in New Delhi.We Concentrate on Image Retouching Services. As an Integrated Technology Group, we have expertise on Branding and Digital Image Retouching (HIGH END RETOUCH). We don’t take on volumes of work. We prefer to dedicate our time and energy to just a handful of projects at any one time to ensure we maintain great client communication and fantastic results.

What we do

We have been hailed as one of the top-tier Photo Retouching Service Providers in the world, supplying its tremendous expertise to more than 12 nations, and catering to myriad industry needs that include E-Commerce, Photography, Media & Publication and Stock Photo. Handling high volumes maintaining the highest standards within the deadlines is our motto, thus far we are successfully processing close to 50,000 images a month.

Why we do it

We have a well-defined aim of delivering products of superior distinction to our clientele, and transcending the borders of the ordinary to something exceptional and attention-grabbing. It’s all because of our highly committed team of experts that we don’t flinch from working on challenging briefs, and come out successfully in our creative endeavors.


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